Fan reactions to my calendar

Creation convention, November, 2006. More fan reactions to my calendar. I'll take two of these!

Oh my!

Oh my!

My heroes

When manpower is needed for packing up at a Creation convention, what's a gal to do? Find two sweet, willing handsome heroes!

Graham and Bea

January, 2007. Creation's London Star Trek Convention. Why is Graham giggling over my calendar with Bea, promoter of the Science Fiction ball.

Fan reactions to my calendar

Thankfully, even in London my calendar seemed to promote a smile and a grin. Hmm...

My favorite London fans

Helping us celebrate TOS 40th anniversary were my favorite London fans.

Tors, moi and Raules

Tors, moi and Raules.

Wondercon, 2008

Had such a fun time at Wondercon in 2007 I just had to go back in 2008. See why?

Queen of Trash (Sara Dunn) and Mr. Lobo

Love being between Queen of Trash (Sara Dunn) and Mr. Lobo of Cinema Insomnia.

Amber and Robin

SuckerPunch Fashions, Amber and Robin.

Ron and Denise

Can't have Wondercon without the Spider couple Ron and Denise.

Ron and Denise again

Ron and Denise again!

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