Grace Lee Whitney

With Classic Star Trek Babe, Grace Lee Whitney.

Celeste Yarnall and Walter Koenig

Celeste Yarnall and Walter Koenig.

With Celeste Yarnall and France Nuyen

With Trek Babes Celeste Yarnall and France Nuyen.

With Carol Lynley

With Carol Lynley at The Hollywood Collectors Show.

With Gerard Christopher

With "Superboy", Gerard Christopher.

With Dirk Benedict, Gerard Christopher and Cindy Guyer

With Dirk Benedict, Gerard and Cindy Guyer.

With John Shuck

With John Shuck.

With Gil Gerard

With Gil Gerard.

With Linda Harrison

With "Planet of the Apes" star, Linda Harrison.

Radio plug for Rising Star convention

Radio plug with Dr. Fred for Rising Star Convention in Roanoke, VA.

With Leslie Easterbrook and Marion Ramsey

Rising Star convention. With Leslie Easterbrook and Marion Ramsey of "Police Academy" and Dr. Fred.

Performing at Rising Star

Performing at Rising Star convention.

Rising Star Convention

Rising Star convention. With Deanna Lund and Kit, a Rising Star volunteer.

Land of the Giants Meets Buck Rogers

Land of the Giants Meets Buck Rogers. Don Marshall, Deanna Lund and Gil Gerard.

With Joe Masturzo and Dave Viands

Rising Star, 1997. With Joe Masturzo and Dave Viands.

Kit Edwards and Shannon Abell

At Luigi's with Kit Edwards and aid and bodyguard at Rising Star, Shannon Abell. April, 2003.

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