The Thalians 50th Anniversary Ball

The Thalians 50th Anniversary Ball, October 8th, 2005. Upon arrival we were greeted by Pesident of the Thalians, Debbie Reynolds.

Joyce and Terry Moore

The host of our table Joyce, the future Mrs. Hank Salvatore and actress Terry Moore.

With Mr. and Mrs. Fayard Nicholas and Deanna Lund

Katherine with legendary tap dancer husband Fayard Nicholas (1914-2006), me and "Land of the Giants'" Deanna Lund.

With Mamie Van Doren and Skip E. Lowe

Sweet Mamie Van Doren, Skip E. Lowe and there I am.

Me and Lou Ferrigno

Here's me with a very svelte Lou Ferrigno.

Me and Kate Linder

Actress Kate Linder, "Esther" on "The Young and the Restless", and me.

Terry with escort Dave

Terry with escort Dave.

With Jay Bernstein

Manager producer THE Jay Bernstein.

Carol, Harvey and me

Songwriter Carol "Rocky" Connors, Harvey and me.

Ellie, Deanna, me, Joanne and Linda

Ellie Valley, Deanna Lund, moi, Joanne Worley and songwriter/columnist Linda Laurie.

Carla and me

Me and Carla Beach, legendary ex-owner of "Don the Beachcombers Restaurant".

Carla with architect husband Jess

Carla with architect husband Jess.

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