A day of celebration

April 22nd, 2006, a day of celebration for friends at the Ray Courts Hollywood Collectors Show.

With Kathy G.

We celebrated Kathy G's birthday, our fab travel gal.

With The Spooners

And we welcomed my sensational webmasters, Russ and Mary Spooner back home to Southern California.

With Bonnie Brooks

Bonnie Brooks celebrated with us.

The gang's all here

(L to R) Bonnie, me, Mary and Russ, Antoinette Lane, Kathy, Diana Hale and Malachi Throne.

The gang

Also joining us was Kathy Clements (in red).

Pat Jankiewicz

Sweet Pat (Starlog) Jankiewicz joined us to interview Malachi Throne.

With Ray Courts

Mary, Russ and Kathy G being congratulated by Mr. Courts himself .

Branscombe Richmond with daughter

Branscombe Richmond with beautiful daughter Leiohu.

Peter Lupus and Ray Courts

Peter (Mission Impossible) Lupus and Ray hamming it up for me!

With Malachi and Barbara Bain

With Malachi and Barbara (Mission Impossible) Bain.

Malachi gabbing Mike

Malachi gabbing with friend Mike.

With Sybil Danning

Sybil Danning and I were comparing bad girl roles! Me in the role of Cat in The Concrete Jungle and Sybil as Ericka in Chained Heat.

Pat interviewing Grace Lee Whitney

Pat interviewing classic Star Trek star, Grace Lee Whitney.

With Manuel Padilla, Jr.

Manuel Padilla was at the show for the American Graffiti reunion. We worked together in the movie, Dime With a Halo and again in the tv version of Tarzan when he portrayed Jai.

With Manuel on the Dime With a Halo set

With Manuel on the Dime With a Halo set.

With Manuel on the Dime With a Halo set

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