Happy New Year everyone! What a way to begin 2014, visiting the Hollywood Show and what a show it was! It was held at the Loews Hotel for the first time on January 5-6. I believe a great time was had by all. Here are just a few of the celebs that made the event a success.

Robert Loggia and Steven Bauer

Robert Loggia and Steven "Ray Donovan" Bauer made for a "Scarface" reunion.

The Karate Kid

You'd giggle too if you were being squeezed by "The Karate Kid" guys!

Valerie Harper and Robert Loggia

Valerie Harper was so happy to see Robert Loggia.

Ed Asner and Robert Loggia

Ed Asner and Robert renewing old times.

Audrey Loggia with Bernie Kopell

Audrey Loggia visiting with Bernie "The Love Boat" Kopell.

With Kent McCord

Always interesting chatting with Kent McCord.

With Mike Connors

I hadn't seen Mike Connors since I guest starred on "Mannix". What a handsome, sweet guy!

Audry Loggia with Valerie Harper and husband Tony

Audrey (Loggia) visiting with Valerie and husband Tony.

Jimmy, Anthony and Robert

My Jimmy always helping out and Mr. Loggia's assistant, actor Anthony Tringali, having fun.

Danny Glover

How exciting to meet Danny Glover. He was most gracious.

With Seka

What a doll Seka is!

Patrick Jankiewicz

Always making the rounds and spreading cheer is writer Patrick Jankiewicz.

With Robert Hays and Mike Connors

Adorable Robert Hays saying hello to Mike Connors.

With Roger Neal

Manager Roger Neal assisting Tim Conway.

With Sean Kanan

It was great fun talking with hunky Sean Kanan from "General Hospital" about his producer Frank Valentini. When I was on OLTL, Mr. V was an assistant to then OLTL producer Paul Rauch. He learned from the best and now he's the best!

With Jimmy Rooney

Jimmy Rooney, son of Mickey, sang and entertained us for 10 minutes!

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