With Ann Rutherford

And legendary Ann "Gone With the Wind" Rutherford. I caught her by surprise!

With Stephen Tobolowsky

I slobbered all over Stephen "Glee" Tobolowsky explaining how much I enjoyed him in "Deadwood".

With Barbara Steele

How nice to see Barbara "The ultimate scream Queen" Steele looking so chic!

With Stepfanie Kramer and her daughter Lily

I hadn't seen Stepfanie Kramer since I guested on "Hunter". Not sure if her beautiful daughter Lily had even been born!

With Christopher Murray

Hope Lange and Don Murray's popular son Christopher, from the Nickelodeon series "Zoey 101".

With Michael Parks

Michael Parks and I are Godparents to Trinza, daughter of actor Shep Saunders and dancer Tianne.

With Diane Baker

Diane Baker and I attended drama classes together with Estelle Harmon.

With Millie Perkins

Loved seeing Millie Perkins.

Sweet face Tom Hatten

Sweet face Tom Hatten.

With William Smith

Then there's my Western Guys I've worked with. Bill Smith several times. First film was "The Gentle Savage", directed by Peter Brown.

With Sandahl Bergman and William Smith

Beautiful Sandahl Bergman and I met working in "A Chorus Line" on Broadway and Bill worked with her on "Conan".

With Morgan Woodward

And Morgan Woodward in "Firecreek". He's also a "Star Trek" cohort!

Robert Fuller and his sons

And Robert Fuller several times.

With Robert Fuller and his sons

Proud Robert with his sons Robert Jr. and Pat and his girlfriend Lexi. See why I'm not able to sit and sign autographs? This is way too much fun!!!

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