Luncheon gang

October 9, 2009. Our traditional luncheon before invading the autograph room at The Hollywood Show in Burbank. Antoinette Lane and husband John, Mary and Russ Spooner, Doug Drexler and wife Dorothy Duder Drexler and casting director Steve Nave.

With Doug and Dorothy Drexler

It was fun having Producer Dorothy and Doug join us. Doug is Oscar winner in make-up category for "Dick Tracy" and three time emmy winner for his CGI work on "Battlestar Galactica".

With Bonnie Brooks

Bonnie Brooks jets back and forth from Chicago to keep the dance world organized!

With Earl Holliman

How fun to see Earl Holliman! Love his loyalty to Actors and Others for Animals.

With Jackie Cooper

When I asked Jackie Cooper to participate in his first autograph show, he agreed, providing monies would go toward The Motion Picture Home. What a guy!

With Gunilla Hutton

Renewing old times with "Hee Haw" gal, Gunilla Hutton. Know why she's in such fab shape? She teaches Pilates!

Steve Nave visiting with adorable Beverly Washburn

Steve Nave visiting with adorable Beverly Washburn.

Great to see Rosemary Forsythe signing autographs

Great to see Rosemary Forsythe signing autographs.

Mary Spooner and Mike Forest

Mike Forest and I have the pleasure of sharing Mary as our fabulous web mistress.

With Bo Hopkins

October 17, 2009. The Hollywood Celebrities Show in Chicago. Hard to believe that pouty lipped Bo Hopkins played all of those tough guys!

With Tia Carrere and Julie McCullough

Tia Carrere and Julie McCullough, not only actresses but gorgeous enough to be in Playboy magazine.

With Larry Hagman

I just had to hug the ever handsome Larry Hagman. My first job was on Broadway in "South Pacific" with his mom, Mary Martin.

With Cindy Williams

Laverne and Shirley's Cindy Williams. She's so precious!

With Eddie Mekka

Eddie Mekka ("The Big Ragu") and Cindy together. Wow!

With Ernest Borgnine

Ernest Borgnine is a ray of sunshine. He'd brighten up any autograph room!

Val Kilmer and John G

My dear friend John G getting his signed poster authenticated from Val Kilmer. It was a definite yes! Agent Bob Catalano in the backround

With Paul Le Mat

Paul Le Mat. Enjoyed him tons in "Lonesome Dove".

With Sally Kellerman and Elliott Gould

The always chic Sally Kellerman and Elliott Gould. I've known him since we did a radio show together when we were kids.

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