With Karen Sharpe Kramer

February 11, 2008. Karen Sharpe Kramer, stunning widow of famous director Stanley Kramer, put together an evening for recognition of the 40th Anniversary special edition DVD's of Stanley's films.

With George Chakiris

Oscar winner for "West Side Story", handsome George Chakiris was there representing "The 5,000 Fingers of Dr. T", produced by Stanley Kramer. I represented "Ship of Fools", directed by Mr. Kramer.

With Quincy Jones

Co-host of the evening, Quincy Jones, reminded me of the time he came to Maui and visited with Frank Sinatra while we were filming "The Devil at 4 O'Clock". What a memory!

With George Barris

Looking dapper is George Barris, King of Kustomized cars such as the Batmobile.

With Marsha Hunt and Karen Kramer

How thrilling to see movie star Marsha Hunt, friend of the Kramers.

With Mrs. Richard Herd and her mom

February 16, 2008, the Ray Courts Hollywood Collectors Show. Pat Herd visiting hubby Richard with her mom who is celebrating her 99th birthday!

Carol Channing

Richard Herd's mother-in-law receiving birthday hugs from the fabulous Carol "Hello, Dolly!" Channing.

With Kett Kettering and Celeste Yarnall

On leave from Baltimore's Shore Leave Convention is promoter Kett Kettering enjoying herself visiting with TOS Trek Babes, beautiful Celeste "The Apple" Yarnall and moi, "Mirror Mirror".

Rebecca Holden and Kett

Rebecca "Knight Rider" Holden and Kett.

Kett with Richard Herd and Rebecca Holden's manager, Bob Bernard

Kett with another Trek Babe, Richard Herd and Rebecca Holden's manager, Bob Bernard.

Artist Michael Welch

Adorable young artist award winner Michael Welch is so very pleasing to his fans.

With Chuck McCann

Another hug from Boston Legal's Chuck McCann.

With Ty Hardin

Hugs from old friend, Ty "Bronco" Hardin.

With George Kennedy

And finally I get to do the hugging, with Acadamy Award winner, George Kennedy.

With Ray Courts and Mr. and Mrs. Chuck McCann

Yup, hugs from Ray Courts himself. Chuck McCann is yelling for Sharon (Courts) as his wife smiles on.

With Ed Asner

Fun to see Ed Asner looking so great. We worked together on a segment of The Outer Limits called, "It Crawled Out of the Woodwork".

With Larry Storch

Last hug of the day is from funny man Larry "F-Troop" Storch.

Hugs from Ernest Borgnine

Hugs from Acadamy Award winner Ernest Borgnine.

With Ken Norton

More hugs from one of my favorite fighters, Ken Norton.

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