Barbara McNair's Celebration Of Life

Beautiful Barbara McNair's Celebration Of Life at the City of Angels Church February 4, 2007. Singer & Reverand O. C. Smith and wife Robbie opened the City of Angels Church of Religious Science on Aviation Boulevard In October 1985.

Barbara's husband Charlie, sister Jacqueline and neice Angela

Barbara's husband and long time manager Charlie Blecka. Barbara's sister Jacqueline and neice Angela flew in from Racine, Wisconsin.

Jackie and Angela

Picture between Jackie and Angela is of O. C. Smith. In January of 1996, Dr. O. C. , his wife Dr. Robbie Gholson Smith and the congregation moved into their new church home at 5550 Grosvenor Blvd. in Los Angeles.

Dr. Robbie Gholson Smith delivered Barbara's eulogy

Dr. Robbie Gholson Smith delivered Barbara's eulogy.

Charlie with Florence LaRue

Charlie had a lot of angels for support. Florence LaRue of The 5th Dimension sang beautifully for Barbara.

Freda Payne, Richard Caruso and Angela

Also attending, singer Freda Payne, Richard Caruso who played a saxaphone rendition of "Somewhere in Time", and niece Angela.

Charlie with Ann Weldon

Charlie with another singing angel, Ann Weldon who was Barbara's roommate in NYC.

Patti Van Patten and Scott Stander

Patti Van Patten and Barbara's booking agent Scott Stander.

Friend Paula Kelly and me

Friend Paula Kelly and me.

Alene, Bernadine, Conklin, Lorraine and Janet

Barbara's Bridge playing friends, left to right, Alene Friedman, (Bridge group director), Bernadine Staeger, Conklin Bray, Lorraine and Janet Wolf.

Florence LaRue and Andy Howe

Florence LaRue, Andy Howe, Barbara's conductor pianist played "Life Is Just A Bowl Of Cherries", one of Barbara's favorites.

Charlie with Marvin Paige and Hank Garrett

Joining Charlie in Barbara's "Here's to Life" celebration are good friends Marvin Paige and actor/comic Hank Garrett.

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