With Page Cavanaugh and Josh Adams

January, 2007. Page Cavanaugh's 85th birthday party, hosted by The Society of Singers and Solters and Digney. Amongst the guests were singer Josh Adams.

With Tom Hatten

Actor Tom Hatten, who's also a great cartoonist!

Page and Michael Forest

Actor Michael Forest.

Page, moi and Jimmy

Page, moi and Jimmy.

With Mike Stoller and wife Corky

Also helping to celebrate are songwriter Mike "Fever" Stoller and his extraordinary musician wife Corky Hale.

With Nancy Sinatra and Steven Tyrell

Longtime friend of Nancy Sinatra, Jr. also singing Happy Birthday was handsome Steven Tyrell, truly one of my most favorite singers. Can't wait to see him at Catalina Bar & Grill.

Army Archerd, Page and Nancy

While wondering how he was going to blow out all the candles, Army Archerd and Nancy came to his rescue!

With Nancy Sinatra, Sr.

The ever lovable Nancy Sinatra Sr. We met while I was filming "The Devil at 4 O'clock" with Mr. S.

With Marilyn King and Skip E. Lowe

Without her sisters, also singing Happy Birthday, Marilyn King and Skip E. Lowe.

With Page

How cute is Page Cavanaugh!

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