With Adam West and Malachi Throne

At the Big Apple Con, November, 2006. Adam West and Malachi Throne, Batman and False Face together!

With Val Kilmer

Holy moly Adam, it's Val Kilmer! Two Batmans at the Big Apple con. How fun!

With Adam West

How cool is Adam West?

With John Wesley Shipp

Holy moly Batman, it's the Flash....or is it Mitch Leery from Dawson's Creek? No it's really John Wesley Shipp.

With Scott Schwartz

Ok who's taller, me or Scott "Unseen Evil 2" Schwartz?

With Aaron Douglas

Aaron Douglas stars on the new "Battlestar Galactica" as Chief Galen Tyrol.

Aaron Douglas

Aaron is enjoying his first trip to NYC and also having fun participating in the Big Apple convention.

With Taimak Guarriello

Speaking of hunks, loved meeting Taimak "The Last Dragon" Guarriello.

With Catherine Bach

Also attending was Catherine "Dukes of Hazzard" Bach. Love seeing old friends looking beautiful.

With Dana Snyder

Loved meeting Dana Snyder, the voice of Master Shake. He is a riot!!

Honey, I'm home!

Honey, I'm home!

With Louise Sorel and Marj Dusay

Louise Sorel, moi and Marj Dusay. Trek Babe dinner was held in NYC at Brasserie 8/12.

Trek Babe dinner

Matt won the bid for the Trek Babe dinner which was a surprise gift for his Trekkie friend Doug. Trek babes finally got Matt to smile!

Trek Babe dinner

Pat Sellers (to my right), Annual Animal Haven event is where the dinner was auctioned off. Dr. Doug K. Grayson was the lucky guy. His wife Pam was glad too!

Trek Babe dinner

Matt's wife Susan L. Weinberg (Merrill Lynch) was also in on the surprise for Doug.

With Pat Sellers and Roy Thinnes

Since the Trek Babe evening was a double celebration, Roy "The Invaders" Thinnes joined us to help celebrate Pat's birthday!

Happy birthday Pat

Alas, Pat's husband Spencer Ross couldn't be with us. As you know he's the announcer for the Knicks and they were on the road.

Chef Julian

Pat requested that the magnificent Chef Julian at Brassiere 8/12 come out of the kitchen for his well deserved round of applause.

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