Reminiscing with James MacArthur

September, 2006, Big Apple Comic Con. Reminiscing with James "Dano" MacArthur about a segment of "Hawaii Five-O" that I guested on was a great blast from the past.

Hawaii Five-O

"A Thousand Pardons, You're Dead" was the title.

With James MacArthur and Karen Lynn Gorney

Always love sitting next to Karen Lynn Gorney. She serenades us with, what else.... the fantastic Bee Gees music from her "Saturday Night Fever".

With Yvonne Craig and sister Maridel

Holy moly, it's Batgirl, Yvonne Craig with sis Maridel.

With Lori Petty and Jennifer Rubin

"Tank Girl" Lori Petty meets Trek babe and not "A Nightmare on Elm Street", but beautiful Jennifer Rubin.

With Mark Goddard

Then there's Trek babe meets "Lost in Space", Mark Goddard.

Book her, Dano!

Book her, Dano!

With Cathy St. George and Nicole Wood

Beauties Cathy St. George and Nicole Wood.

Abraham Fernandez and Ray Deforrest

How can a gal not feel safe between Superman and Batman? Abraham Fernandez and Ray Deforrest.

With Ken Kelly

Ken Kelly is a master painter of sword and sorcery, and a very sweet person.

Paul Herman and Cindy

Restaurateur Paul Herman of Columbus and Ago fame stopped by to congratulate Romance Cover Girl, Cindy Guyer.

With Cindy and Jennifer

Cindy partnered Jennifer Klein (L) when she opened this fab wine bar on Columbus Ave in NYC called Wine & Roses. A must see!

N. J. Burkett, Kaity Tong and Marvin Scott

Helping to celebrate are newscasters, N. J. Burkett, Kaity Tong and Marvin Scott.

Todd and Marvin

Other owner, Jennifer's husband Todd, clowns around with Marvin.

Aubrey Rubin

Cindy with Aubrey Rubin.

With Joey Reynolds

Love Joey Reynolds. He's New York's one-of-a-kind radio talk show host.

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